The Mike Piero Foundation


The Mike Piero Foundation is an organization focused on helping children achieve their goals through their participation in sports. The organization preserves the memory of Mike Piero and his devotion to helping shape young lives through sports.


The Mike Piero Foundation holds events each year to raise money and help kids participate in a variety of sports. Events and other contributions help raise money for future scholarships. The organization is dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of Mike Piero who was a 22 year employee of the Fremont Recreation Center where he served its youth with passion, dedication, and his own unique sense of humor. Mike was a wonderful role model for the hundreds of children he coached and inspired. Mike was especially fond of working with the Special Olympics serving as a member of the Special Olympics Committee and working with the School of Hope.


This event will be a fundraiser to help raise money for future scholarships. The scholarships will be used to help kids participate in sports. We will hold the event on September 10, 2016 at Roger Young Park in Fremont, Ohio.

We will have a variety of sports for kids and adults. The general activities will be:

  • youth soccer/baseball/softball
  • adult volleyball.softball/cornhole/kickball
  • special olympics softball game
  • Mayor's office vs Piero Family softball game
  • Fire vs Police softball game

Please Click Here to view our flyer for additional information. Hope to see you there!

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If you would like to contribute to The Mike Piero Foundation please select the link below. Thank you in advance for your contribution and helping to shape young lives through sports!